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What is a Guest Article?

If you’re reading this article, you are most likely exploring a collaboration with our team. 

One of the main ways we work with brands is to contribute a guest article. But if this isn’t something you’re familiar with, or you want to understand why you should accept a piece from us, let us explain more.

What’s the goal of this?

Our team at TheFactsGuide is made up of writers, and subject matter experts, who have a single goal – to help other websites educate audiences about the topics we care about. 

  • We do this completely free of cost. 
  • We aim to educate and share info rather than promote. 

We just ask that we can be credited by including a link within the article (i.e. backlink) that goes to one of our relevant partner resources

Where will this be published?

Since we are trying to share info with the relevant audience, we would ask this to be published on the blog or “news” section of your website. 

What do I need to do?

All we ask is that if you have very specific guidelines or requirements for the article, to let us know your preferences. 

We will be familiar with your blog and the style/tone of the type of content you like to publish.

  • if you need the content to be a particular length
  • if the topic we proposed sounds good, but you want a specific aspect to be covered
  • if you have any reference material we should look into for additional information
  • if there’s any important aspect of your audience that you’d like us to focus on or address

–  we’d really appreciate letting us know before we start. 

The more info we have upfront, the more likely we’ll be able to produce an article you’ll be extremely happy with!

Will it be high quality?

Here is a sample of some high quality articles we’ve written for other businesses and publications:

Rest assured, our team has written for top tier media, national and regional level publications, businesses spanning 40+ industries, and niche blogs. 

What happens after I publish it?

We may be able to promote the article on a partner’s social media channel – as long as we have a brand with a relevant channel. 

Just let us know when you can publish the article, and we can look into that, and pencil a social media share asap.

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